First mobile game, kept simple to focus on the process of building and submitting to the app stores, incorporating ads and in-app purchases.


The Game

Swipe to move out of the way of incoming obstacles. Random patterns mean never doing the same run twice, and increasing speed as you go to increase difficulty the longer you last.

Banner ads presented at the top of the screen with a one time in-app purchase to remove them forever

File 28-07-2017, 17 18 45.png

The Dog

This was also a first for using bone and mesh animations rather than normal frames. Having the ears be a weighted mesh allowed for them to flap in a more fun way. The tail was rigged with an inverse kinematics constraint.

File 28-07-2017, 17 18 57.png

Share Highscores!

Twitter integration allows you to post a screenshot of your score at the end of a run, including the track at the end to show what you were up against.