Currently still in development, Tearable (working title) is a free to play mobile game coming to iOS & Android.

Tearable asks you to choose your own path in the most literal sense. You are presented a level with your character, an exit, enemies and collectables as well. You can tear out whatever parts of the level you like, creating an original and custom path for yourself. Create a path to the exit, via anything you want to collect, and avoiding enemies as best you can. Enemy too close to the exit? Maybe dig out a pit below them to keep them contained (unless they can fly!).

As you progress through a run and reach higher scores, more enemy types will start to appear, and in greater number. The layout of the levels will also become more difficult with the exit sometimes needing to be unlocked with a key.

There will also be a daily challenge available, where everyone will be able to attempt the same levels (once!).

There will be many character skins to unlock, both through spending the collectables (stars) and by beating daily challenges. They will also be available for direct purchase through small in-app purchases.

The game is going for a paper and sketch kind of aesthetic, with real paper textures and post-it notes for popup messages. Some people have mentioned the old tv show art attack when seeing some parts.

Tearable is being developed in GameMaker Studio 2 and should release on both iOS and Android at the same time later summer 2019.

A sample of enemy sprites for Tearable. Some may look a bit odd at blown up to larger sizes here.


Examples of early levels.

Daily gift rewards, and unlocking a new character skin.